Audiological research is a critical prerequisite for a hearing instrument manufacturer. In our endeavours to provide the best possible hearing instruments GN Hearing has always been and will continue to be deeply involved in research, particularly audiological research.

A compelling evidence of this conviction is the fact that GN Hearing since 1968 has provided funds for the independent Danavox Jubilee foundation to organize symposia on current audiological topics. At these symposia leading experts are giving presentations on their most recent research. In the first 38 years the symposia were known as the Danavox Symposium, but in 2006 it was decided to rename it to International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research or ISAAR.

The proceedings of these symposia have been published as books ever since the first symposium in 1969. The symposia proceedings are an important source of information for the audiological community and they have found their way into many bookshelves.

We are now proud to offer a website with a complete set of symposia proceedings of all the Danavox Symposia as well as the first ISAAR symposium. The documents are organized in a classical library fashion, but it is also possible to do free text searching across all documents. We hope that this service will enable even more audiologists to share the scientific research documented in the symposia proceedings.

To gain access to the documents of the library you need to register with your e-mail address and afiliation. In the upper right corner you can click "New user" and get a screen where you can enter you data. Next time you wish to access the library you just click "Login" and enter you e-mail address. The list of users will be kept in confidence and is only used to keep track of the audience for this service. If you agree we will send out e-mails when updates to this service have been implemented. You agree to this by ticking off the checkbox marked "Yes, please keep me informed about updates"